Sunday, 2 May 2010

Making Moment No. 2

Having decided at short notice to take my boys on their first wild camping trip I realised that I didn't have a shelter big enough for a woodland camp for three. I also didn't want to take any of my light weight tarps as we would also be having a fire. Tarps and fire do not get on. So the giant 9'x9' 4oz square yard pu coared nylon tarp was whipped up in an hour and a half.

As you can see from the photos the guy lines were attached by tying marbles tightly in the material and leaving little loops to attach an assortment of odd guy lines too. I've read about this before and it's worked very well. No slippage throughout the night.

I've not hemmed the tarp at the moment mainly due to time and also as this material doesn't fray. I will hem and attach tie out loops to it in time. The centre seam is one that Go-Lite use on their shelters. I like it as each row of stiches passes through three layers of material and is in my opinion the most water tight seam you can have without seam sealing. Again we had steady rain throughout the night and not a drop through the seam.

A big tough tarp for woodland camping in an hour and a half.

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