Friday, 28 May 2010

Day 10

It's been an easy one today but also a sad one, my spork broke. It's the first and only spork I've had and we've been together through many terrible dehydrated meals. But today I have two barely functional bits of plastic. Please lets pause for a moment for the spork.

Also today it rained, for two whole hours, I've a good mind to write to TGO Towers to complain. It started when I woke up and carried on until mid morning. It was still pretty warm and hardly a breath of wind so by no means horrible.

A quick word here. If you study insects go to Glen Doll. This morning when I woke there were at least six different types on the bug netting, a variety of slugs on the fly sheet and quite a few beetles and ants in the waterproofs. Also if you study insects don't use solid fuel tablets for your stove. They're non toxic to humans but not so, it would seem to our six legged friends, a very good way of clearing the tent of unwelcome lodgers.

On paper this was the easiest day of the trip and it has proved to be. I was at the Glen Clova Hotel by 11.15 drinking tea because of the quaint Scottish licensing laws. However as morning turned into afternoon I fueled up on stewed venison, beer and Laphroig (excuse the spelling I'm new to this). This malt was recommended to me by Bill or Stan yesterday. He explained you'll love it or hate it from the first taste, if you hate it you'll never learn to love it. It's love at first taste or nothing. It is spectacular. Nothing I've ever tasted tastes like the earth, trees and wind from where it was made more than this. They're wise men them two.

After a three hour lunch stop I went the last 2km to Loch Brandy, disappointingly it's full of water. But it's a cracking spot and I managed to find the probably only flatish spot for a tent around the whole shore. The 1:50000 maps leave a little to be desired on this sort of detail. I was hoping to see a few other challengers, but again I think I'm still a day ahead of most.

It's a windy spot, the gulls are trying to fly into the wind but give up, lazily turn to their side and shoot off back across to the other shore. It's the last wild camp of the trip and it feels like it's all coming to an end.

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