Friday, 28 May 2010

Day 7

Today was a day of just getting the miles in to get to Braemar, for a shower, rest and a few pints. Most of the day was following land rover tracks along side the Geldie Burn. There were a couple of miles of walking through the heather and bogs to find the path that led to the track. Speaking to others in the campsite this evening that took the same route is that the map shows the path being a couple of hundred metres further away from the burn than it actually is.

Most of the day was spent walking by myself until lunch time when I met Oliver who had been walking since 4am and had come up from the bottom of Glen Feshie. I tried to keep up with him for the rest of the day. A quick cup of tea at Mar Lodge, thinking we may bump into some more challengers but it seemed we were the first through this year. I chased Oliver the last 6km into Braemar for a couple pints and a pitch on the camp site where three others including Barry who I met last night at the top of Glen Feshie where pitched up.

Oliver, Barry and I went for a few pints in both the hotels which I have to say are a bit wierd. Rest day tomorrow and the forecast for the next few days is warm.

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