Sunday, 16 May 2010

Day 1

Just a perfect day. It rained throughout the night and stopped around 7.30am just in time to get up and pack up. The site at Sheil Bridge is basic but has all you need and is cheap. After signing out of Kintail lodge with 65 other starters I had a splendid day walking and chatting to as many people as I could, everyone was incredibly friendly.

I reached my days end at Alltbeithe youth hostel at 3.30 which isn't the end of the day so after pushing on for a total of 25km for the day I've camped at the west end of Loch Affric in glourious sunshine and a sparkling golden sandy beach and one other TGOer a Mr Steven Horner, who I understand was walking in Finland with Hendric a few weeks ago.

After admiring his trailstar and making a few mental notes on how to make one for myself the sun retreated behind the hills and I've retreated to the warmth of the duo mid.

If all the wild camping spots are like this it's going to be a cracking two weeks.

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