Sunday, 9 May 2010

Measure twice, cut once...

As with most kit geeks shelters and tarps along with stoves make me get unduly giddy. Over the previous winter my mind turned to the shelter that I was going to take on the TGO. I ended up with the MLD Duo Mid that I previously wrote about. What I was considering was a hybrid mid shelter in a tarp tent style, i.e. with a built in ground sheet and bug netting, such as the Henry Shires Contrail. My only concern was there wouldn't be anywhere to cook with the built in ground sheet. So the above attempts are mids with extended porch areas to accommodate cooking. The white mid with five sides was my preferred design however it's a foot to short. The other shelter is designed for two poles to extend the porch out, however it presents quite wide flattish sides and I don't think would cope all that well in high winds. It's also a right pain in the arse to get a good pitch.

I'm not all that good with CAD packages so these were worked out on paper and made with any old thin plastic sheeting I could get hold of and gaffer tape.

Despite the problems with these prototypes I've not wasted much money and it's time much better spent in the winter months than watching the telly.

Winter 10-11 should see a final design, if that is I'm heading to Scotland during midge season.

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