Friday, 28 May 2010

Day 8

Today was a day of relaxing, meeting up with people again and having a few beers.

I bumped into Steven again and with him was Phil Turner who's blog I read quite a bit. They had set out early that morning to be first in the queue at the Old Bakery. They had been patiently waiting for quite a while. I didn't recognise them at first and mistook them for day walkers as their packs were so small. Eventually the bakery opened and everyone was fed and watered until bursting point. London backpacker another blogger joined us and it was off to the Fife Arms for a few.

I met Mike whom I'd shared the trip to Inverness with, he was having a good challenge. I also met Andy Howell another blogger and fellow Mountain Laurel Designs owner. Most people went off back to the camp site I guarded the table at the Fife Arms. However when I did go back to the camp site - what a view. Three duo mids, two of which were cuben and Steven's trail star. The trail star is brilliant, I invited myself in during a brief rain storm, loads of room and rock solid protection. I'm going to make one as a next project.

Then back to the pub for a few more for the road.


Steven Horner said...

We'd been sat outside people watching for 2 hours before it opened at 11. I didn't recognise you either until you walked over, probably to focused on the Old Bakery and some of the strange sights.

The fact that I didn't blink an eye at your blue Ronhills shows just how strange many of the people in Braemar are.

Will be good to see how you get on making the Trailstar, hassle Phil for the C.A.D. drawings he's done and if you need to see the Trailstar again give me a shout you're not far away.

Shed Dweller said...

Steven, I'm no good at this blog lark, just found this comment. I'm having a think about the trailstar and some alterations. It may all just be pie in the sky at the moment and I'll end up making a normal one. Got some very interesting fabric on order - stuff they make paragliders from, it's strength won't be an issue it's water resistence may be. I'll keep you informed