Sunday, 16 May 2010

Day 3

It's been an easy day today. After a good nights sleep in a unusually mouse free bothy it's been forest paths for the majority of the day in warm sunshine.

I seem to have overtaken most of the other challengers taking this route apart from a lady called Sue who I bumped into again today after last seeing her on day one. In fact it was Brian her husband I bumped into first as I emerged from a forest track. He was supposed to be walking but after a knee injury he was meeting Sue on a few points over the next two weeks, he greeted me by name as I approached which was unusual and explained Sue had said the previous evening she'd been walking with me. A lengthy lunch in the sun followed and then the final few miles in Drumnadroichit to pitch the tent at a riding school.

Tomorrow I'm doing battle with the postal service and ferries, both of which are conspiring to keep me here an extra day as I've got to pick up a supply parcel. It's either feet up or entering into the mountains for wilderness walking and wild camping.

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