Sunday, 16 May 2010

Day 2

Last night it rained. It rained hard, all night. I wasn't looking forward to getting up, but at 6.00am it stopped and the sun came out and shone across Loch Affric.

Today's been very different from day one, a much lower route, which in a way is good as last night's rain turned to snow higher up and there was a pretty good dumping.

Most of the day was following woodland tracks. It's pretty dry under foot and apart from a few showers the sun's been out for most of the day offsetting the cold wind.

It's been an easy day. I got to Tomich which was supposed to be my overnight stop at about 2.30. It's a lovely little village, very friendly and the Hotel sells wonderful beer. The girl behind the bar explained that a couple of other challengers were pitching their tents in the beer garden and I would be most welcome to join them. Now I'm not a religious man but if there was a heaven God would own a really nice pub in the Highlands or the Lakes and if you'd been good he'd let you camp in the beer garden. It was tempting but a 2.30 finish is a bit too early.

After studying the map there looked to be a nice flat spot next to a small loch about 6km away. As I got there I realised the whole glen had been churned up by cows, not a square foot of flat ground anywhere. After turning down a beer garden I was feeling a little grumpy but fortune favours the brave and just round the corner was a really nice little bothy, loads of wood, really clean - result. There does seem to be a snake in here and it seems familiar...

52km in two days and feeling good!

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