Friday, 28 May 2010

Day 11

It was a windy night last night at Loch Brandy. The wind changed direction during the night and gave the duo mid a good pounding. The front guy line popped off due to the shock cord coming undone, my knots rather than a failure of the tarp.
I was walking by 7am after having a restless night with the wind. The pull from Loch Brandy to the tops is quite steep but not too long. At this point Scotland thought she'd get her own back for me going on about how nice it's been. Wind, rain and worst of all mist. This meant navigating my way across the tops, my compass decided to develop a bubble which has now gone? The plan was for a last day in the hills, but the weather was poor and a couple of small navigation errors put me in mind to get to the track north of Loch Lee which I did by 11am, at which point the sun came out.

The last five miles into Tarfside were spent with a variety of challengers and on our arrival it was beer and bacon butties at St. Drostans.

The sun remained out and the sports field started filling with tents and shelters, including four duo mids, and a couple of Henry Shires creations, one of which was occupied by Henry himself.

Tonight there's a bar at the masonic lodge across the road and tomorrow it's off to North Water Bridge for the last night of the trip. Perhaps I'll be able to get a phone signal..?

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