Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A New Year. A New Start

A new year full of new opportunities…  Well it is for me.  As with a lot of other people I’ve had a quite a cut of hours from my full time job.  I’m one of the lucky ones as I’m still in work and with a lot of belt tightening I’ll get by.  I’m still in the process of finishing off the cottage that I purchased last summer but come late spring I should have time to get sewing again.  With the extra time I now have, I want to start and try to put some of the things I’ve made into production and perhaps in time, leave my current line of work and create gear on a full time basis.

In true cottage style I’m starting small and trying to grow things organically.  I won’t be in a position to make anything for sale until the late spring at the earliest.  I don’t want to commit myself to making gear for people when I know I don’t have the time to fulfil orders. 

What I do want to know from you good people in the next couple of months is what you want to see developed in 2012?  I’m thinking of just doing one or two lines to start off with.  A summer quilt and perhaps a tarp or two?  But I’m willing to be persuaded.  If you do have any thoughts of what you would like to see developed, even if you’re not in the market to buy, please leave a comment below and/or tick a few boxes above.  Oh, and Happy New Year!


Unknown said...

I've cast my votes for quilts/sleeping bags and bivis.

Steven Horner said...

I am one of the few people to already have sheddweller products. The ninja tarp and bivy bag.

Good luck on the new venture I know it will be a success. The only problem I see is getting hold of fabric to make the products without having to buy large quantities.

Hopefully meet up soon.

Shed Dweller said...

Quilts also seem to be the popular choice on Twitter too!

Mr Horner I do need to finish off that Bivi for you some time. I'll be in touch. Getting hold of fabric is a pain in the bum. I've got a bit stockpiled and just have to see how it pans out.

Fax said...

a bivy would be nice or better said THE bivy. For people from europe, like us, it is very difficult to buy a fantastic bivy. The "right" ones are only there in the USA and that means high custom and shipping fees. I would love to buy a bivy with waterproof material on the back and on top something like Event or other breathable light material. I got that already, the RAB Ultra bivy, nice bag but there is no full-net-hood! And that is exactly what I'm looking for. The net should give enough space and head room, a loop option to hang it in tarps and it would be nice to zip the net away if there are no bugs. something like the six moon designs meteor bivy.... but with breathable material up to the point where your sleeping bag is or your head starts if you know what I mean.

Shed Dweller said...

Thanks for everyone for voting in the poll and the above comments.

I'm hoping to be able to get a few products going very soon. I will be concentrating on quilts to begin with. Then Bivi's and I've got a shelter/tarp in the design process that at the moment looks promising. too.