Friday, 20 April 2012

Backcountry Boiler

Hello all this is just a quick post about the backcountry boiler I'm putting up for sale.

It's one of the "Raw" versions. No anodising, no stuff sack, no sleave. The only mod I've done is to place an ergonomic patch of Sugru on the outside to provide grip whilst lifting using a buff, hat, gloves etc.

You get the boiler body, the fire cup and I've also got a firefelt for using the boiler with meths.

The only issue I have with the boiler is that a tiny amount of water seeps through the bottom seam.  This produces no real problems when heating water as only 2-3ml comes through. It would cause issues of you wanted to use the boiler to carry water. As it doesn't have the stopper (the raw versions didn't) and I didn't intend to carry water its not been an issue for me.

I've spoken with Devin about this and he stated that repeated heating sometimes flexes the aluminum back into place. I stupidly cooled it down from hot by filling it with cold water.

I don't use it now I've got a backpackinglight pocket Ti stove.

£80 all in. Including postage to UK mainland.

I'll keep it on here for a couple of days, if there's no takers then it's off to fleabay!

Contact me through twitter @sheddweller10 or email if you're interested.  


Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Did you sell this yet?