Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Lakeland Bloggers Video

I've been tasked by Phil and Steve to put together a video from all the clips and we took over last weekends trip. I've been having a few IT issues my end and suffice to say it may be a while before the final version is put together.

I have however roughly strung my stuff together. Apologies for the quality. I'm still getting used to the settings on my phone and was recording in a medium setting (not so good) this combined with the wind and rain (no sound effects needed!) in places it's hard to hear whats going on.

Phil recorded all the funny stuff and all the stuff whilst we were on the move. Hope this keeps you going until the final version is done.


harttj said...

Loved the video. Thanks for the post. Looking forward to the trip reports. Hope you all got your stories straight! ;-)

John Davis said...

Hi, Shed Dweller.

A very enjoyable video. Thanks for the entertainment.

I wondered about the tarp you used. Was it really adequate in that weather? The only ultralight purchase I regret is a GG SpinnSolo, despite its low low price in a sale. I've gone back to my Cave 1 and have noted how pleased others claim to be with their Trailstars. For multiday hikes in British conditions, where a breeze frequently niggles, aren't tarps which resemble a zipless flysheet the best tools for the job?

The SpinnSolo is a bit of a wind tunnel, aggravated, I suspect, by its catenary cut, which turns the front into a scoop. I know Colin Ibbotson and others have posted on this but I cannot seem to keep breezes out of it despite trying their recommendations. Your tarp looks a bit like the SpinnSolo so I wondered whether you were really happy with its level of weather protection.

Cheers, John

Shed Dweller said...

Hello John

Sorry about the tardy nature of the response. Real life stuff has meant I've been neglecting the cyber world recently.

To answer your question about the Tarp, yes it was more than adequate for the trip and that weather. It was the first time I've used a cat cut tarp in conditions like that. I've a flat tarp that I pitch in a flying V if the weather is looking frisky and I was slightly nervous about using the cat cut tarp in strong winds.

However as it was pitched on a slope with the foot end quite low the wind wasn't getting under it all that much, it was also pitched in deep bracken. Not a drop of rain on the bivvi and I slept pretty well. I can sleep on and through anything though.

I think it's as much as where you pitch with a tarp of this nature as how you pitch it. The cat cut nature of the tarp means it hardly moves and doesn't flap at all. I'm considering using a slightly modified version for the TGO challenge next year, if I get on that is.