Thursday, 15 July 2010

Cat cut tarp II


Well the guy lines are on, the seams are sealed and it was pitched in the garden. You can see the little glitter glue bottle that I use for seam sealing. 10 minutes to do the seam and the tie out points on the tarp. For those of you lucky enough to have experienced seam sealing I'm hoping this tip will enrich your life.

The purpose of this tarp was to see if I've got the shape right and by jingo I think I've cracked it. Even though there wasn't much tension on the guys the pitch was drum tight. A flick gave a satisfying thud on the fabric. As you may be able to see there's only 8 tie out points. For the final version they'll be another couple of tie outs on each side to enable it to be firmly secured in harsh conditions. Hopefully it'll be blowing a hooley over the weekend so I can do a Bear Ghrylls extreme video.


Phil said...

:-o I'm taking the Trailstar.

Steven Horner said...

Me and Phil can watch you blowing away from the comfort of our Trailstars, lol. Looks good though and that glitter bottle is an excellent idea. I need to seam seal a some of the pegging points on the trailstar, the stitching isn't looking too clever.

Shed Dweller said...

You'd better hope the tarp doesn't take off. I'll be wanting to share a trailstar with one of you two. I can snore for England!