Saturday, 12 June 2010

Making Moment - Bivi Bag

This is the bivi bag I used last night on the moors. I really like this project. It ticks all the right DIY boxes. Simple, cheap, effective and is nearly equivalent in weight to the lightest commercially available bivis.

When I first started using a tarp and bivi I got a Rab survival zone. At around 400g this was one of the lightest bivis available in this country. I think it's a great piece of kit and it still gets regular use. I'm not sure if it's classed as being waterproof but I believe it is and it's very breathable. I've only had a slightly damp sleeping bag on one occasion and it was more my fault for having my feet stuck outside the tent in the cold. It's a pretty weighty bivi for tarp use though when all you need is drip and spray protection so I made this one.

It's made from a material called Nysil, which is the equival to Pertex 4. One side is slightly shiny, I'm not sure if it's coated or callandered in some way but it's very lightweight. The whole bivi on weighs 185g and squashed down to the size of a grapefruit.  It's the same dimensions as the survival zone and is.made from three pieces of material, a top, bottom and a strip for the draw cord around the opening. It can be made from 3m of material and probably cost less than £15 to make.

It works really well and is superbly breathable. It's water resistant rather than water proof which is great for a tarp. I'd recommend this as a first sewing project.


Londonbackpacker said...

That looks a sweet bivvy bag; I need to sort out something for when I get to use my DD tarp.

Do you just take the measurements straight from the RAB SZ?

Shed Dweller said...

Yep, just copied around the SZ leaving an extra inch all the way round to allow for the seam and then did the draword section by eye, it's not hard.

It's now a regular addition to the pack.

Alastair said...

That's so cool!
I wish I had an ounce of skill to do things like this.
Maybe you should start selling things?

Also, here is a little video I made of a recent wild camping trip:

Shed Dweller said...

If anyone wants one I'm sure I can put one together, just get in touch.