Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Kids sleeping bags

My boys 7 and 9 have just started coming wild camping with me. The first time they came it got down to 2c. I was prepared with their crappy two season bags, fleece blankets and fleece.coats so they weren't cold. But that lot takes up a lot of room. I've been on the hunt for some decent three season bags for them for them for a while now and not having much luck.

I wanted a synthetic fill, with a hood and child size. An adults bag is wasted space and more weight and being as they will be carrying them they need to be as light as possible. There's loads of two season bags with comfort ratings around the 12c mark but nothing any warmer.

In Tesco tonight though I noticed the above 300g m2 synthetic insulation with a fleece lining with a comfort rating of 4c. I reckon with a bit of jiggery pokery on the old sewing machine these could turn into just what I was after. I'm going to replace the outer material with pertex to make it splash and spill proof and lighten them up a bit.

Oh and they were £8.50 each. You couldn't buy half the material for that price.

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