Monday, 26 April 2010

Mid inner/bivvi

I'm doing the TGO Challange starting May 14. It's a two week self supported backpacking trip across Scotland from West to East coast. Having only done one Scottish backpacking trip before I knew I needed midge protection during the night and that for me a bivi and head net combination is just rubbish.

My normal bivi (home made) weighs about 185g. Tyvek ground sheet 120g and head net combined tip the scales at just over 300g. This new inner is 440g but it's as warm and water resistant as a bivi and you can sit up, eat, read, whatever in comfort in the head end. It could be a lot smaller and use lighter materials, this I guess would bring it down to around 300g.

It's only been tested in the back garden but it's soon to have a couple of weeks in Scotland. It's not a new idea but I couldn't find anything commercially available that fitted the bill or the MLD Duo Mid.

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