Friday, 1 July 2011


Just a quick post about flattr.

If your not familiar with it the best way to describe is that it's a button you can put on your own web content, in my case this blog.  It's like the "Like" button on facebook but if you press someone's flattr button you give them money.  Small amounts of money, in my case I subscribe two euros a month and each click I do on someone else's content they get five cents.

I got a flattr invite when it first started up but you had to add code (or something) into your content to get it to work.  I'm not all that good with things IT and could never manage to get it to work.  I gave up on it.

Until however I started commenting on twitter that flattr would be used more, if people like me could just use an app, or a simple set of instructions to integrate it into blogger.  Then up stepped @kejsarmakten who is currently working at flattr and created this little tool.

Just click it, enter your flattr ID and as if by magic all your posts and your blog have a flattr button plonked right in just waiting to be flattred.

I like the concept of flattr, unless your web content is huge I don't think you're going to get rich by using flattr, it's more of a way of saying a little thank you to the person who's content you've enjoyed.  This isn't a plea for you to press the flattr button below, but I would suggest if you've got a few minutes investigating flattr. I reckon it's a pretty good idea.


Flaneur said...

John I tried this and although it puts a flattr button in the sidebar I can't seem to get it to place a button in the actual posts.

@kejsarmakten did tweet me but not hear anything back since I told him about it.

Have you tried to get them in the your posts; as I can't see any in the body of posts.


Shed Dweller said...

Hi George

I've had no problem with the little app that he made. Also I can see them in the body of my posts underneath the actual post before the comments section. I could also see them when I was logged on at work (in my lunch hour obviously)

I'd be grateful if someone else could confirm, or not if they can see my flattr button at the bottom of my posts.

How strange..? Hope you get sorted with it soon.

kejsarmakten said...

Hi, glad you liked the app!

Londonbackpacker, sorry if I haven't had time to answer.
I've just looked really quickly for the reason why it is not working on your site. It seems to have something to do with your theme. I tried all of the themes (in the built in theme browser on blogger) and they all seemed to work on the test blog I made though. I will look into it more thoroughly as soon as I can.
But if you would like to try yourself I suggest you try to change theme and see if it works better. You can reach me on Twitter if you have any more questions.