Sunday, 10 July 2011

1.95kg Overnight trip.

On Friday night I escaped to the North Yorkshire Moors for a sneaky overnighter. It was a rainy night but as I left the car the rain stopped and I enjoyed a rain free evening until I got back under the tarp just after midnight and the rain cam down for most of the night.

A quick kit geekfest video was taken just before I packed up which I share with you now.


Chris said...

Great little video. Where were you?

Anonymous said...

Hey this is brillant! I really like the rain skirt / beak idea and will look forward to seeing how that works out. Awesome!

Shed Dweller said...

Hello Chris. If you know the NYM at all I was just over the hill from Carlton Bank underneath the gliding club. There's a little shelf in the escarpment. The Cleveland Way runs right nest to it, late pitch and early rise a must!

Hello Helen, I like it. Karen hates it, although she did wear it to work today as it was tipping it down. I may make them for commuters, you can't wear overtrousers if you're wearing a skirt it seems... I've made a mock up out of cheap material for the beak and it works, there's few tweeks |I've got to figure out but it's progressing.

Chris said...