Sunday, 13 March 2011

New Pack

Hello all

It's a while since I've blogged about anything that I've made myself.  I had been planning on taking a number of home made items on this years TGO Challenge.  But time and circumstances have meant that this is now looking unlikely.  I have, however been plodding away at a number of projects.

This one has been on the go since before Christmas.  I've wanted a new backpack in the 35l-40l range with mesh pockets.  It would be very simple, no frame, no fancy harness just shoulder straps and hip belt.  Whilst making this pack it's given me a good idea for another pack which eventually I'll get round to doing which will be a totally original design, but that's another blog post...

The idea for this pack comes directly from the Sea to Summit Ultra Sil Day Pack.  I love this pack.  The simplicity and the comfort really appeals to me.  As I was wandering/wondering (sorry Helen its to good an pun not to steal) along one autumn day I got to thinking what if you scaled up the size, whacked a few mesh pockets and gave it proper shoulder straps and a hip belt you'd get something like this

This is a full scale mock up, the pattern was made by picking apart the original day pack, making a paper pattern, blowing it up with a photocopier to the right size.  Making the fabric panels and putting it all together.  It could do with a little more mesh to allow more to be placed in the outside pockets, but overall it's looking good. 

If you make a mock up of the body first you get to see if there are any problems with the finished design before spending all that time on the straps.  Straps! Now they do take time if you make them from scratch.  You also get a feel for which seams should be sewed in which order.  This does make a big difference when putting a 3D project together.  I'm guessing that the pack is in the region of 35l and the mock up without straps and a zip weighs in at 108g. 

It's made from a non rip stop polyviscose material which I can't tear with my hands, it's slightly stiff and 100% waterproof.  Good pack material.  I'm not sure all my kit will fit in it for the TGO as I will need to carry up to four days food in some places but I'm going ahead with a full version as I like how it's turned out so far.


Steven Horner said...

Now just imagine if it was in black :-)

Shed Dweller said...

I'm was thinking of making it out of the ninja tarp fabric. 100% black pack even lighter material too. Very tempting.

Alan said...

Excellent MYOG.
Where can i get the material from?

Shed Dweller said...

Hello Alan.

Glad you like it! Hopefully this year the finished article will arrive.

Here's a link to the fabric, but the only stuff they have in at the moment is in orange. It's worth checking back on a regular basis as they have all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff coming in. Their customer service is second to none. The prices are great too. I have no link to the company other than being a very satisfied customer, they are always willing to chat on the phone too.

Alan R said...

Thanks for the web site. Great.