Thursday, 10 February 2011

Tips for seam sealing

Just a quick post on a couple of labour saving tips for seam sealing. If you've ever had to do this you know how time consuming this can be. This is how I do it and it works for me.

Firstly mix two parts white spirit with one part clear silicone sealent. These don't like to be mixed together, the silicone floats about in the white spirits. I find a snapped off fork in a battery drill serves as a handy whisk, job done in two or three minutes.

I don't use a brush to apply the mixture. It takes forever. I use a small pot with a nozzle that held glitter glue. You can pick these up from craft shops. Not only is this very quick, you can control the amount applied and you don't get the mixture drying out in the pot before you've finished, therefore you mix a lot less. I find you get a much more even line along the stitching.

I then lay out the seam to seal on flat surface. Most people suggest setting the tarp/shelter up outside and painting it on then. If you can, all well and good. But if not this still works and you don't have to lean over to the middle of the tarp to apply. Make sure there's adequate ventilation. This stuff won't kill you but its not pleasant.

I tend to do both sides of the tarp so you make sure the mixture is absorbed into the stitching as much as possible and therefore filling up any small holes.

Hope this helps.


Steven Horner said...

I'm pleased you've seam sealed the ninja tarp rather than me, but using this method looks a lot easier than the last time I did it. You've seen my seam sealing which looks like I used a trowel!!

Shed Dweller said...

I couldn't possibly comment on your seam sealing *bites knuckles* as long as it keeps the rain out that's all that matters. I'm going to seam seal all the things I make as its a bit rubbish if people spend money on shelter and it leaks from the outset. I know the arguments about the time and expense for small manufacturers but its like buying a new car and having to fit your own tyres.