Tuesday, 25 January 2011

A small heads up. Backcountry Boiler.

I've been following this chap, who I have to say could be one of the most dedicated MYOG guys out there.  I have to say, I've no links, commercial or otherwise to Devin or his boiler, I just think this is a story and product that deserves a lot of attention.

If you trawl through his site, go and read the threads from backpackinglight.com Devin has given a lot of thought, dedication and sheer hard work to get his very clever yet simple product into production. 

If (hopefully) he does start making a few more of these after the initial production run I'll putting an order in.  I've made (like most backpacking tinkerers) a couple of wood burning stoves, they work but they're fiddly and prone to not working too well in windy conditions. 

Hat's off to you Devin!


Mac E said...

I read that myself, talk about dedication and then someone else in the UK brings out an identical version and advertises it commercially.

I'd go for one of Devin's myself, I've dabbled with double wall woodburners but I saw a guy last year using a storm kettle and it was so fast. The only thing was the weight but as he was in a sea kayak it didn't matter too much (he carried a small bag of sticks too which kind of defeated the object)

Shed Dweller said...

Yep I saw the British copy, that's not good karma. Also substantially heavier than Devin's. The time to boil, ease of tending the fire and massively less soot to deal with it.

Devin Montgomery said...

Hi Shed,

I know I wrote the same to your comment on my blog, but thanks for the shout out! It's super-gratifying to have folks say such positive things about the project. I'm hard at work getting the first run and beyond ready for the world, so we can see if they live up to the hype. :)