Thursday, 10 December 2009

Nothing new or clever here...

Well Hello.

What can you expect from this and the following posts?  Hopefully something interesting enough that you'll come back once in a while and raise your eyebrows whilst making a "tsk" noise and thinking "I've seen that somewhere before?”

Most of the posts on here are my attempts of making kit that I’ve seen on the internet.  For each “Making Moment” post I’ll try and link to where the original idea, or ideas came from, why I may have adapted them and with what success.  Not much if anything is totally original (apart from my ultra light guy lines below.  Well I’ve not seen any like them before, please feel free to tell me otherwise).

There’s been loads of people making and adapting gear for years, each innovator has a brilliant idea and goes on to make a product.  Usually not on a commercial basis and then goes on to share these good ideas with all of us.  I, as well of a lot of other people read through all this information and occasionally find two or more brilliant ideas that’ll go together quite nicely thank you very much.  A Making Moment soon follows.

I’m a proper kit geek, I love making stuff and experimenting with the results, proper shed manufacture and science, nowt fancy you understand.  I’m hoping with this blog to document the making and use of most of my light weight hiking and camping gear.  To see how it can be done, to see how it works and hopefully inspire other people to have a go.  I also like to experiment with different techniques and materials, I really would appreciate any comments about these experiments, good or bad. 

The end result is a load of kit that we’ve made ourselves, the satisfaction that brings, and money we’ve saved.  Oh I nearly forgot the reason I make all this stuff is so I can go places like this…

Next to Red Tarn looking back the way we came.  February 2009

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